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Solar salt has many uses – from water softening, pool salt and animal feed to oil & gas production and deicing. Our current products include extra coarse, dried fine and pellets, available in 40 or 50 lb BAGS or in BULK, delivered by RAIL or TRUCK, and perfect for any non-food grade salt application requiring exceptional purity.

Packaged product currently provided in:

Extra Coarse Water Softener Salt - 50lb

Culligan Extra Coarse Water Softner

Culligan Extra Coarse Water Softener - 50lb

Water Softener Salt Pellets w/Rust Inhibitor - 40lb

Pool Salt by Southwest Salt Company

Southwest Salt Pool Salt - 40lb



Now Available

Bulk product currently available:

  • Extra Coarse
  • Dried Fine
  • Dried Fine With YPS

south west salt truck loaded

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